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Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity wall in ChepstowThe Colleges’ Partnership Ltd. is committed to the promotion of Equality and Diversity, with a commitment to ensure that all duties set out in The Equalities Act 2010 are implemented.  The Colleges’ Partnership Ltd. actively promotes equality and diversity for all, and endeavours to widen access through a flexible and inclusive culture. By removing barriers to education, training and employment opportunities, the aim of The Colleges’ Partnership is to create, maintain and promote an environment in which people treat each other with mutual respect, value each other’s contributions and which is free of discrimination.

The Equality & Diversity Policy is in place to demonstrate our commitment to equality of opportunity for all those working and learning with us. This policy applies to staff, learners, contractors and any stakeholders who have direct or indirect contact with the Colleges’ Partnership. All users are to be treated equally, with dignity and respect and without being subjected to discrimination.

The Colleges’ Partnership Equality & Diversity Annual Report summarises the key activities and actions The Colleges’ Partnership has taken during the previous contract year, towards the aim of being a wholly inclusive education provider and is available for download with our other documents below.

Equality and Diversity Documents