Hilary Yuille has been successful in her bid as lead for the Professional Exchange in the South West.

The Professional Exchange is a network of practitioners from all types of organisations - not just colleges,  coming together to share ideas and resources and to test and trial innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment. This work will be led by a peer group lead. A group will consist of 5 to 8 colleagues all focused on one area of research, interest, practice, burning issue, wicked problem etc.

Each Professional Exchange member will join a peer group of 5-8 individuals to work on a topic of their choice during the academic year. The topics available include:
 Digital technologies  Mental health  Teacher training/ Professional Standards  English  Maths  Apprenticeships
Professional Exchange participants can be teachers, tutors, assessors, trainers or managers working in colleges, independent training providers, adult and community learning providers and third sector providers in the South West. Please note that this Professional Exchange does not cover Cornwall, Hampshire and parts of Devon as another Professional Exchange takes place there. Instead, the Professional Exchange in the South West covers areas east and north east of Exeter, all the way to Gloucestershire and Oxford.