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Our Heritage

The Colleges' Partnership was formed from a well established working relationship between Wiltshire College and Somerset College.

The two colleges have worked together in partnership since 1998 to deliver education and training solutions to the military. The relationship commenced with delivery of the Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) Apprenticeship schemes in Engineering Maintenance and Horse Care. In 2003, the Colleges extended their provision in Engineering to Armoured Infantry personnel. Since this time, the delivery of the schemes have been integrated wherever practicable, locating resources to achieve maximum benefit for learners.

Following the successful bid to deliver an Advanced Telecommunications Apprenticeship to the Royal School of Signals through Project Velvet, from 31 November 2005, The Colleges’ Partnership has set up a wholly owned company which has charitable status, The Colleges’ Partnership Ltd.

The Colleges' Partnership further extended its provision to the military in August 2006 when successfully winning a bid to deliver an Apprenticeship in Engineering Maintenance & Installation to the RAC and Armoured Infantry and an Apprenticeship and Advanced Apprenticeship in Horse Care to the RAC.  Further contracts have been awarded in recent years including the delivery of Intelligence Operations to the Intelligence Corps and Clinical Health Care Support to the Defence Medical Services..

In 2016 Somerset College merged with Bridgwater College and re-branded as Bridgwater and Taunton College,  Wiltshire College welcomed Bridgwater as a partner into the joint venture company.