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The Colleges’ Partnership has a statutory and moral duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults undertaking any form of learning.

We will carry out our responsibilities under the relevant legislation and other formal guidance. The Colleges’ Partnership has clear objectives:

  • To provide a safe environment in which to learn
  • To identify individuals who are experiencing or likely to experience significant harm or under achievement, providing support and taking appropriate action to aiding positive outcomes for the learner.
  • Promote an ethos where the learner feels secure, valued and listened to.
  • Take action where appropriate and work in partnership with the appropriate body.
In pursuit of these aims, The Colleges’ Partnership annually review and approve Policies and Procedures with the aim of:

  • Raising awareness of issues relating to the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and the promotion of a safe environment for all learners within the Colleges’ Partnership.
  • Aiding the identification of learners at risk of significant harm and providing procedures for reporting concerns.
  • Having a safe, robust and secure staff recruitment procedures including Disclosure Baring Service (DBS).
For any safeguarding issues, please contact Hilary Yuille on 07702 253591

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