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Welcome to the Employers area of our site. Organisations will often search for ways in which to improve performance and productivity. Staff training and development can, when well planned and implemented, have a significant and positive effect on:
  • the motivation, morale and retention of teams
  • the quality of Products and Services
  • Productivity and Competitiveness

We have a successful track record in the management of vocational, on the job training programmes throughout the UK and Europe. On the job learning programmes have been proven to open up lines of communication amongst the workforce and prompt a healthy flow of new ideas for business improvement and development.

Organisations, both large and small, can offer Apprenticeships to their staff. Some of the UK's largest organisations have found that Apprenticeship training solutions in particular are delivering higher 'right first time' accuracy rates, and higher net profit per employee when compared with non-vocational training. These significant differences can be attributed to learning in context - whilst working.

Add to this the availability of government funding and there is a compelling case for investigating Apprenticeship schemes further. Many organisations tell us that they didn't realise there was funding available or that they were put off by the thought of a complex application process.

Working with The Colleges' Partnership alleviates the perceived administrative headache; we manage the entire process including the securing of funding for Apprentices, development of training programmes, management of the process and assessment of the skills of staff.