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Welcome to The Colleges' Partnership

Susan Burton - Executive Director“The Colleges’ Partnership relies on a successful partnership between us, the learner and the employer. Our apprentices learn in successful and diverse environments where expectations can be met and realised. Our mission is to provide high quality training and education for our learners, resulting in a motivated, successful and productive workforce.” Susan Burton - Chief Executive.

The Colleges' Partnership is a well established and respected training provider, specialising in the provision of vocational training solutions, Apprenticeship management solutions and professional learning and development opportunities - delivered directly into the workplace.

Via Apprenticeships, Diplomas and NVQs, the workforce learn on the job, more effectively reinforcing the link between the theory and practice and minimising disruption to day to day operations. As a result, employees display greater confidence, motivation and productivity - leading to improvements in customer service and productivity. 

We deliver professional qualifications for those considering a career in Teaching, Quality Assurance (TAQA) or Coaching and Mentoring (C&M).

We understand that each and every organisation is different and as a result, learning and training requirements will be specific to business objectives. Our training solutions are always tailored to an organisations specific needs.

Our successful delivery of training solutions to our military, commercial and public sector clients throughout the UK and Europe is testimony to our highly flexible service.

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